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Welcome. AGM Construction

AGM is a construction company founded in Los Cabos, México, by the Architect Arnulfo García Méndez, who since 1995 and in more than 20 years, has collaborated in important projects around the area.He directs and operates the company with a select group of architects and engineers whose primary objective is to look out for the smallest detail in all processes and stages during any construction; they work as a team and stay in excellent communication to obtain total quality from start to finish in every single project.

Get to know us and discover our work.

Get to know us and discover our work.

MISSION. Make each project a reality, structuring it excellently from beginning to end, thanks to the passion put into the details of each process and stage of construction. VISION. position the company as the best in the area of construction, helping our clients to realize their dream projects.


AGM Offices

Uniq Show Room

Chileno 116

Villas del Mar

Punto Polanco


Four Seasons Resort at Costa Palmas



  • Passion: Being committed to the heart and mind.
  • Quality: Search for excellence.
  • Collaboration: Promote collective talent.
  • Responsibility: Social and community commitment, not only with customers but also with society.
  • Learning: Be aware that you must be in constant learning.